Storm provides specialist management for

dedicated Algorithmic Trading platforms


Trading Platforms

Storm, manages dedicated Algorithmic Trading platforms for Clients engaged in financial trading, predominantly in the Far East equity and currency markets. These strategies use electronic platforms to enter trading orders with an algorithm which executes pre-programmed trading instructions accounting for a variety of variables such as timing, price and volume. Algorithmic trading is used by investment banks, pension funds, mutual funds and other institutional traders, to divide large trades into several smaller trades to manage market impact and risk.


High Frequency Trading

Many types of algorithmic or automated trading activities can be described as high-frequency trading (HFT), which is a specialised form of algorithmic trading characterised by high turnover and high order-to-trade ratios. Algorithmic trading and HFT have resulted in a dramatic change of the market microstructure, particularly in the way liquidity is provided. In the context of HFT, Storm provides a specialist platform for financial groups wishing to trade in market Making and Statistical Arbitrage.